Bicycle Diary – Story Of A Two Wheeler

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10th February, 2001

I was standing at the corner of the store, the last one to be sold. Shop was about to close and then he arrived. I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

10th March, 2001

Birth is by chance, what you do after that is your choice. My choices are even limited, but I will try to make the most of it. A month ago I was handed over to a teenager. I can still see that day, being unwrapped of the brown cardboard papers and plastics. Poor boy was amazed to have me, took me for a ride to the nearby field.

He was still learning then, so I ignored a few bumps and falls and scratches. All that I needed was love, and having plenty of it. Got new colourful frills for my wheels, a new maroon seat cover, and a happy shower every weekend. He takes me to school, and I feel proud on myself when others envy.


16th October, 2001

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I am playing cricket now! Being placed in a strategic position between slip and gully, I felt proud when Toton patted me and said ‘Bhaggis cycle ta rekhechilum, noyto ball ta pukure porto!‘ (Thank god the cycle was there. Otherwise the ball could’ve dropped into the pond.). My carrier served as a mini dressing room for the budding players. All smelly caps and bags and wet t-shirts were dumped on it. Only if I could warn Toton to keep me locked next time. I really hate the bumpy free demo rides by his greedy pals.


17th May, 2002

I am friends with a Ladybird now. She looks pretty in pink. I met her outside Toton’s tuition class and had a chat about some regular stuff for an hour or so, while leaning on each other. A nice start indeed!


20th June, 2002

Things are getting better! I’m spending most of my evenings with Ladybird now. We meet each other outside the tuition classes, spend some time together, and then accompany her home which is completely on an opposite direction to our place, then come back listening to Toton humming love songs. Something is cooking. Definitely a good deal for me!


8th September, 2002

This weekend was a bad one. Toton was busy with his exam. His dad took me to a local market. Holy shit, it’s not a good place to be in, a total chaos of shouting, bargaining and splashing mud. Came home with two heavy bags hanging from my handles and stains of blood from that smelly chicken. To make it even worse, I would have to wait for the shower till the bloody exam is over.


2nd February, 2003

Something new happened to me today, went to the tuition, and couldn’t find my Ladybird. Damn! She has been kidnapped. But that put a hint of smile on Toton’s face. I only realised the reason when the class finished. He asked the cute girl, ‘Can I give you a lift home?’, and then it began! I am still reeling with the warm touch, the smell of lavender and the soft voice. Best day of my life so far! I bet it’s same for Toton as well who hijacked my Ladybird. Will I be able to see her again?


7th April, 2003

My back is still aching. God knows why Toton let his best friend ride on me today! His name is Kanchan, but that’s definitely a misnomer, that fat monkey has a bum like a Hippo. Today I realised what is the meaning of eclipse, when he sat on me!


9th June, 2004

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Toton is taking his love story to a new level. Double carrying the girl to her home has become a routine now. But he drops her a good 100 metres before her house, I don’t know why! As I don’t understand the reason of them sitting behind the bushes for so long, while I’m standing and being drenched in rain. Spending pocket money on super flop movie shows has become their habit.


9th August, 2004

A secret! Last Friday evening, when we were returning from tuition, Toton took us via a detour. The road was very lonely and dark. I looked up while being paddled and saw the girl’s face was turned towards Toton and both their lips were locked!

I quickly need a human dictionary to keep myself updated for such intimate sequences.


23rd October, 2004

Just been through a horrible time. Toton took me to Archies shop this evening. He went inside keeping me against a wall next to the store, but forgot to lock me! That’s expected when someone’s mind is possessed by an opposite sex. Anyway, I was waiting and suddenly felt a touch on my back, a dark lanky guy. A pair of deep sitting eyes quickly checked my lock and lit up, he held me and started walking, Oh no! I was having the same fate as the lady bird! Realised how much handicap I was, couldn’t even shout, what’s the point in having a mind then? That stealer was about to ride me and Toton came out of the shop, looked at him and grabbed him by his collar, but then the sly mugger swiftly released himself and disappeared in crowd. While returning home heard Toton talking to himself ‘Thank God! Dad would’ve broken my spine in thousand pieces today’. I’m confused on who is closer to my feelings – Toton or his dad!


19th November, 2004

Just returned from the Ganges ghat. It’s the calm river bank where Toton took me with his friends a few times in the past. But today it was different. Only him and I. I saw him crying. I didn’t mind when he kicked me once. I know it was out of frustration. It’s been 2 weeks I’ve smelled the Lavender, and I have a feeling, that both of us have lost it forever. Tough time!


3rd May, 2005

Toton is going to college now. He looks at me only on weekends, when he takes me to Mandirtala. He has started smoking with his friends now. I don’t like it at all, so I did something yesterday as revenge. He was returning home from adda with one silver coloured disk with a hole at the centre attached to my carrier, and by applying a double amount of clip force, I broke it! 😛

Today I heard his friends shouting at him, ‘Notun Japanese video chhilo sala! Amader dekhar agei venge dili!’ (New Japanese video was there. You broke it before we could watch!).


15th July, 2005

Quick update. Toton is in love again! At night when everyone is asleep, he comes down the stairs, sits on the back porch where I live, and starts whispering over on a tiny object, fixed to his ear and his other hand covering his mouth. Most of the words are fermented with affection, a few naughty ones too with annoying sounds appended at the end; the poor lad thinks no one is listening to him!!

His ignorance towards me got noticed by his uncle and he is trying to own me. Save me Toton! I need your help! Only if he could hear me!


After 8 long years…


5th August, 2013

I was not allowed to write for last 7 years. Long story; will tell you later. It’s been couple of years since Toton has got married, not to the last girl we knew. That fat-ass Kanchan stole her.

Now Toton returns from local market, hanging two heavy bags on both of my handles, just like his dad, but I like this now, it’s Toton after all. Yesterday I got a tiny red seat and two tiny foot-rests on me. Getting a new friend it seems!! 🙂


9th September, 2014

Both of my tires have been changed countless times so far after innumerable attempts of putting patches to leaks. Got a pair of new brakes 2 years ago. I was making a few noises since last few days, being rusty, now waiting helplessly at a repair shop. Toton has got a new Car now. I don’t suit his status.


10th February, 2015

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Toton took me out yesterday and started paddling slowly. He stopped for a while near the lonely roadside and kept on looking at me for more than 2 minutes. Till that time I had no idea that it was going to be the last journey with Toton aboard!

He left by handing me over to a guy I never saw before, and he never looked back. He has sold me to this guy who would break me into hundred pieces and fit them into different new frames. My time is perhaps coming to an end! Hopefully, this is my last entry.

Now I’m thinking, “Will I really be myself again”? Maybe I will, as the metal frame will still remain somewhere, carrying my memory!


PS – If you get hold of this diary, please SHARE it with others. We live a short life but it’s you who give us the driving power to avoid all obstacles and enjoy the every moment of bonding with you. Glad to be the best friend of your childhood. 🙂


Special Mentions:

Thanks Arindam for gifting us a bicycle. Hope you enjoyed buying it for us and not asking for a payback!

Thanks Toton for giving us permission to publish the diary. We pray for your best friend to come back again in your life.


Author: Anirban Ghosh

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  • Ami oto engriji likhte jani naaa !!! Montobyo debo sada banglay !!! ??? cycle niye amar aro koyek ta jinish mone pore jay… tuition theke beriye bondhuder premik ra aktu dure opekhha korto donhe mile barir pathe kichuta aksonge cholar jonyo !! Tokhon amar BSA ladybird er khub mon khrap hoye jeto nissongotar karone !!!??? sob miliye mone pore galo sob sei hariye jawa din gulor katha !! Chotobelar moto cycle tao anek dure sore gache !!!!

    • Thanks Kathakali for reminiscing your cycle days!
      Language doesn’t matter when emotions are strong. The very example is the cycle in this article. His feelings were un’spoke’n since a long time, but it came out finally.
      Keep visiting! 🙂

  • Topics you may include : Group Studies, Saraswati Puja – those days played a significant role in our life, etc.

    • The “Bicycle” topic was collected from a suggestion in our comment section of “Tuition Days” article.
      “Group Studies, Saraswati Puja” are also now added to our list. Thank you for the suggestions. More topic ideas are always welcome. 🙂

  • Outstanding is the word ! You guys make me cry. I used to love my bicycle like my sis. It was a part of my life – never counted it as a necessity. My Lady bird was as beautiful as any other beautiful bird and always accompanied me even in my excitement and in my sorrow. I was in Delhi when heard my mom has decided to sold it off as it was taking space in our small house and not in use. Felt bad but honored mom’s decision. My bird witnessed many of my good and bad days with me and was a friend who made my childhood memorable.

    Kudos to all my friends who really miss their bicycle and acknowledge its contribution to our lives.

    P.S. I wrote my opinion in rush, please ignore if their is any grammatical error. 😛

    • Monolina, we literally wait for your anecdotes related to our article. No exception this time also! Many thanks. 🙂

      We personally have seen you with your Ladybird, so we can understand your feeling. A small tribute to our best friend was truly deserving since a long time. Thanks again for your support!

      PS – If ur imosions are strong, grammer doesn’t myattar at all! 😛

      • Hey ! I really liked the word ANECDOTE !!!! how you guys describe my comments in one word !!!
        I wish if i could get back those golden days in my life – would be the happiest one 🙂

  • Arijit and those who have put effort on this – one word – অসাধারণ!! And thanks a ton for reminding my childhood memories, I really recapped all the 3 cycles which had been part of my life from class 4 to 4th yr engg..

  • An absolutely engrossing tale. Nice personification and clever use of anecdotes. Could feel the rewind and play of a story of 8 years.

    Keep up the good work guys. Hope to many more blogs from you.
    Oh yeah without your permission I am sharing this ?
    All the best guys.. Be happy always

    • You were eagerly waiting since last Wednesday. We were bit tensed with the experimentation of diary format. It’s a big relief for us that you liked the article. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Suman.
      Oh yeah, please always feel free to share any of our articles without any permission from us. We’ll be privileged! 🙂

  • The ending literally brought tears to my eyes!! Such a fantastic story I’ve read after a very long time.
    The diary format normally is boring, but you guys used that as a strength. Brilliant!!
    I’m being hooked to this site gradually.
    “Anari Minds” have definitely a long way to go. Will be happy to be with you always. 🙂
    All the best!

    • We wrote the story, but you made us emotional.

      Our expectation from this article was limited initially for the very diary format we chose to experiment with. It’s a big relief after your appreciation specifically for that.

      Our family is growing big each day. Waiting for the time when we’ll have to generate an internal census report. 😛

      Motivate us more. Will wait your criticism too! 🙂

  • The story telling is just superb.. awesome autobiography of a cycle.. I too can relate each pinch of the lines with my best pal- “My Cycle”.. feeling noustalgic.. never thought like this way.. you guys rock.. nd yes I mean it.. 🙂 🙂 .. will wait for the next story egarly..

    • Gift a diary to your best pal now, so later we’ll come to know about your secrets too! 😛

      Making someone nostalgic these days has become our habit. Don’t know if it is good or bad. That you’ll tell us.

      Have a roam around our kitchen and check if you can find more tasty food for thoughts. Please let us know what you found.

      Keep visiting!

  • Spell Bound….will wait for more…
    Feel the depth of your emotions and relate !
    the pattern of the story telling every jump short is Brilliant !! Once again AnAri Minds Zindabadd !!

    • “Gali gali mein shor hai, AnariMinds chor hai.”

      Thanks for giving us the opportunity to steal your heart. Won’t insult you with ‘Stay connected’ tag as we are a family now! Your words matter a lot to us.

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