Those Few Hours – A Short Story

Friends, Love Story, Nostalgia, Red, Story

Rono gazed at the blazing red light on the door of Operation Theatre.

His throat felt as dry as a bone as he staggered and floundered aimlessly in the lounge area ……waiting……

The only voice that kept ringing in his tympanum was of the doctor –
“Pray to the Lord and all shall be fine !”

Forty minutes had passed,
By now, Rono’s stomach had started churning and all other organs felt like stumbling upon one another at the same place.

The OT light went off and almost simultaneously Rono’s name was called upon…..
Some time later…

With hot tears rolling down his cheeks, his pounding heart finally slowed down at the euphoric sight ……
a tiny angel is being caressed by his beloved.

Rumella has arrived!


Author ~ Samali Das Chakraborty

Raw Cover Image:

Cover Image Design: Anari Minds


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