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– “Cheers!”
– “Cheers! 4 years.. and finally we’re getting married.. woooo…hoooo!”
– “Control ma’m.. still 7 more days left to start our adventures.”
“So what? This is the same restaurant na where we first met?” asked Neha.

– “Yup. And you came late that day also.”
– “Hmm. We don’t care about ‘ladies first’ anymore. Got it?”
– “Haha. Arey, have you brought that?”
– “Yes yes. Let me take it out. But, what’s the plan?”
– “Let me also have it first. Ok. Now hold the papers on your hand…”
– “Ok. Done. Now?”
– “Now tear it from middle like this..”
– “Done!”

Both threw the papers to other side of the table.

– “Yeah. Mission accomplished! Well done my girl.”
– “Don’t start crying now.”
– “Boys don’t cry.”
– “Hey, did you buy that?”
– “Ordered a family pack. Set of 5 different flavors. BJ’s raindrops will keep falling.”
– “Dirty mind! Will observe your self control then. I anticipate a birthday celebration before first anniversary!”
– “A blessing or a curse? Cousins are planning to put cam in our room.”
– “MMS chhorna hai kya? Will ask Bishal to have a close look.”
– “Haha. Bishal is most confused now. He can’t decide which side he’ll represent on that day.”
– “Pain of a common friend. Poor Bishal. Usse main le lungi. But oye, heard about a booze party at your place. Keep some for me. Will pounce on it later.”
– “Ok sure. What about uncle? Is he sad already?”
– “Obvious! You fuckers are always happy. Pray karti hoon ke hum dono ka bhi beti ho. Then you guys will understand.”
– “Achha. Aur agar galti se beta ho gaya, then I promise to be another Pandu.”
– “Marry Gandhari and become Gandu. Family pack kya tera family pehnke ghumega?”
– “Haha. You’re scared. Darr ke mare OCP certify mat kar lio.” 😀
– “Very funny! Listen, Dad warned me today that it should be our last meeting before the D-Day.”
– “Oh! Is he going to lock you in a room without any mobile access? Did he send today’s kharchapani?” 😀
– “Yes. Here it is. 50 rupees. Tere aukad ko madde nazar rakhte hue. Except Golgappa and Pao Bhaji, I can only remember you offered me black coffee once in all these years.”
– “Kaminey! Ice cream, Pizza, Momo, Chicken Roll, Chello Kebab. Sab bhul gayi?”
“Haan sab. Firse yaad dila,” Neha laughed loudly.

– “Tu nehi sudhregi. 😀 Arey, parents will visit our places for formal card sharing. Why can’t we have a look at each other’s now?”
– “Fantastic idea my boy. Ok, ladies first for this time. Wait….. See.. How is it?”
– “Wow. Red envelope! Your choice?”
– “No. Mine was pink. But Dad rejected. See inside.”
– “Ok….. Hey.. this is not fare. How can you misspell dulha’s name! Neha weds Rajib. It’s “V”, not “B”.”
– “Our card. Our choice. What’s in a name. Show yours now.”
– “Yup. Take it.”
– “Give give. Wowwww. Radha krishna image on top. Machane wala hai tu. Arjun weds Suhasi. Beautiful card. Did Suhasi look at her photo on this?”
– “Not yet. Surprise for her.”
– “You lucky bustard. I was only a Bcom. And you got a Phd candidate. Always abide by Suhasi’s orders Mr. Arjun Singh.” 😀
– “Rajiv se bolna mujhe thanksgiving me treat dene. He is a good boy. No really, I mean it.”
– “Yes he is. And so you were.”

Neha holds Arjun’s hand with tears in her eyes.

– “I don’t love you Arjun.”
– “Emo mat ban. Be like this always. I don’t love you too. Remember, it’s all for a reason.”
– “Yes I know. But, no excuses on next birth. Tab nehi chhorungi.”
– “I promise. Ab chalna hoga. Inform me when I become chacha.”
– “Stop it. See you.”
– “Good bye Neha.”
– “Good bye Arjun.”


Waiter came to clean the table and got hold of the torn papers they left. He took those to his manager and said, “They left these. Please check if it’s something important.”

Manager arranged the papers.
– “Looks like 2 medical reports. 6 months old. One is of Mr. Arjun Singh. Another of Miss Neha Roy. Results are same. In bold it’s written as ‘Thalassemia Minor'”.


Author ~ Arijit Ganguly 

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Cover Image Design: Anari Minds

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