I Told You…

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“You snore…”

“No, I do NOT.”

“Yes, you DO!”

“How do you know? You are not even here!”

“Remember, the night we had the Pajama party at Neha’s place? I heard you snoring in the middle of the night.”

“That night? I was having a bad cold; that would have made me snore… otherwise I do not snore.”

“You stay alone and nobody can prove that you snore.”

“There must be a way to prove that I do not snore!”

“Okay… do one thing, put your phone on voice recording mode and then go to sleep today. We will listen to it tomorrow and see who is right… what do you say?”

“Okay… we will see.”

“Okay then… goodnight.”


That bitch!, she thought to herself while disconnecting the call and opened the voice recorder app on her phone. She started the voice recorder and switched off the bed side lamp and went to sleep.

She woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and checked the time on her phone – 3.45 AM. Then she remembered last night’s conversation with her friend and took the phone and stopped recording. She turned on the lamp and drank some water from a bottle kept near the lamp.

Afterwards, she saved the recording and started to play it. There was some white noise from the beginning, like the ceiling fan and the hum of the AC.

She forwarded a bit, still no snoring sound. She smiled and forwarded it a bit more. There… she could hear a soft snore.


She forwarded again… there was a rhythmic snore now; more clear than earlier. She was about to turn it off in frustration, when something else caught her attention.

There was another snoring sound… just following hers. She paused and reversed a bit and restarted.

There was no doubt that there were 2 different people snoring, one after another. Her forehead cringed. And she took the phone close to her ears.

“Told you…”, the strange voice shrieked from the phone…

She almost jumped out of her skin and threw the phone away. The phone hit the floor hard and broke into 3-4 pieces. Now breathing heavily, she wiped perspiration from her forehead with shaky hands, when something whispered in her ears…

“You definitely snore…. HAHAHAHA…” and the bed lamp was turned off automatically at that very moment…


Author ~ Snigdha Sahoo

PC ~ paranormalhlobe, steadyhealth.com


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