I Told You…

She forwarded again… there was a rhythmic snore now; more clear than earlier. She was about to turn it off in frustration, when something else caught her attention.

Athour – Snigdha Sahoo
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History Rewritten – A Tiny Story

He wanted her to prove. “You don’t believe me?”, she asked with tears in her eyes. “The society does not believe you.”,  he too had his eyes moistened and his voice […]

Love Spirals

Trailing behind these sweet feelings, quite faithfully, jealousy also made its way into my heart. Any girl talking to Gourav, or even just getting a smile from him, made my heart cry out in pain. I would die a thousand deaths if he showed any extra attention to anyone. Many nights, I would cry in my room in despair just imagining him with someone else.

Author ~ Snigdha Sahoo
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Speak Up

If this is what believing in one religion teaches me, I am better off any religion. If my God cannot tolerate another human just because he/she prays to a different God, then I don’t believe my God even exists!

Author ~ Snigdha Sahoo
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– “Dirty mind! Will observe your self control then. I anticipate a birthday celebration before first anniversary!”
– “A blessing or a curse? Cousins are planning to put cam in our room.”

Author ~ Arijit Ganguly
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10 Most Brilliantly Made Thriller Movies Which You Missed

Our in house movie freak has selected top 10 best thrillers which were the most underrated and went unnoticed. Please check out the trailers directly in this page itself.


Author ~ Soumik Sarkar
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The Invitation

It was Nidhi’s idea to go for the sleeveless, backless choli and a slit right through the fish cut lehenga to show off her right leg. She said that, the more skin you show, the more the ex would regret.

Author ~ Snigdha Sahoo
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